’80s home tapers inspire today’s file sharers

The global battle over file sharing has had some strange repercussions, including the retro revival of the "Home Taping Is Killing Music" campaign. That was the tagline for a 1980s British effort to fight mix tapes and cassette dubs. Parodied even in its day, the line has now become an ironic battle cry for those who support digital file sharing. T-shirts with the "tape and crossbones" are popping up all over, and today, Boing Boing brings us an '80s homage video (posted after the jump) created for the British digital advocacy effort "Don't Disconnect Us." To give credit where it's due, though, torrent search engine The Pirate Bay has been keeping the tape imagery alive for years by making it a central part of the site's logo.

—Posted by David Griner