4 out of 5 headless women prefer Treximet

Now and then, the warm and fuzzy world of morning TV gets interrupted by a vision from hell. That's the case with this ad for migraine medication Treximet, now airing during The Martha Stewart Show and the like. It starts off unexceptionally, with a close-up of a woman's face as she describes her migraines. But soon it becomes clear she has bigger problems—her head seems to have come off entirely. She's cradling the throbbing thing in her arm, and has a gaping hole in her neck where the head used to be. All of this takes place at a suburban school-bus stop, adding to the Lynchian vibe. (Her son takes his mom's appearance in stride, but doesn't like to look directly at her.) Over the top or not, the spot is memorable. And migraine sufferers, not known for understating their level of pain, might actually appreciate the horror-movie theme. Read more at the Treximet site.

—Posted by Tim Nudd