4 days to kickoff: Fabio can’t believe you don’t have life insurance

Super_bowl_xl_logo_white_1The latest news on Super Bowl XL: Fabio to star in ad for Nationwide Insurance. (New York Daily News) Heavy.com features 16 ads banned from this, and previous, Super Bowls, and, not surprisingly, many of them feature mammary glands. Budweiser’s "Wardrobe Malfunction"  from 2005, PETA’s new "Girls Gone Wild" spoof—it’s all here. (Heavy.com)  A look back at ads from the 1982 Super Bowl, which is the last time it was in Detroit. (Adland)   More ways to see Super Bowl ads on your mobile device, PC and so on and so forth. (Mediaweek) Super Bowl halftime shows: a retrospective. (Detroit News) Time to make the salsa. (Wichita Eagle) Jimmy Kimmel dares to go to Detroit, hoping people have forgiven him for that thing he said. (USA Today).

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor