350,000 Post-it Notes Used in Shoe Brand's Stop-Motion Film

Here's a project that's not just for squares. 3M's Post-it notes have been used in stop-motion animated films before, but Brazilian shoe brand Melissa takes the technique to a massive new level by employing 350,000 of the colorful stickies as "pixels" for a video that took 25 animators five months to create. The Post-its were installed in the U-shaped foyer of Melissa's flagship store in São Paulo, and the resulting movie features impressively trippy images of prancing elephants, balloons lifting folks aloft and pulsating heart-flowers—all part of the brand's "Power of Love" campaign. The effort effectively fuses old- and new-media motifs: It's a paper-powered street stunt that directly engaged consumers (about 30,000 passersby wrote personal messages on the Post-its) and has since gone viral online. Some environmental types have raised concerns about the ultimate fate of all those notes. Since every hit movie gets a follow-up, perhaps they can be recycled into a sequel.