20 Rising Brand Stars Who Are Helping Make Chicago a Hub for Marketing, Tech and Culture

From McDonald’s and the Cubs to the newest Iron Chef

“Big-shot town, small-shot town, jet-propelled old-fashioned town, by old-world hands with new-world tools built.”

It’s a summary of Chicago that was just as relevant when essayist Nelson Algren wrote it in 1951 as it is today. Chicago is unquestionably enjoying a new era of innovative tech, inventive food, contagious culture and bold business growth, but the world expects nothing less from a city of such constant reinvention and knuckle-cracking endurance.
As part of Adweek’s special article series on the region, City Spotlight: Chicago, our editors selected 20 Rising Brand Stars who represent a fascinating cross section of the industries and initiatives shaping the city in 2017. Get to know them below: