17-minute Yale recruitment ad simply rocks

Maybe it's the awkward pauses, the campy lyrics or the simple fact that it's a musical, but this new Yale University admissions video is 17 minutes of face-blasting awesomeness. It was created for next to nothing by Yale students and alums, and there's even a cameo by NBC's Brian Williams. The musical format will surely strike a chord with a generation raised on the High School Musical franchise and currently infatuated with Glee. It's reached more than a quarter-million views in less than two weeks, which is great for an admissions video, though still way less than Yale alum and inexplicable YouTube sensation Sam Tsui gets for his Beyoncé covers. (He shows up at 3:06.) But congrats to Yale for throwing down the ad gauntlet. First Ivy League school to answer with a dance battle wins.

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers