13 Dogs and a Cat Eat With Human Hands in Freshpet’s Holiday Extravaganza

Brand grabs the meme

Videos of dogs eating with human hands are nothing new, but Freshpet is taking the joke to its extreme with a holiday spread featuring 13 dogs—plus a token cat.

The meme is natural comedy, and the corporate production raids the tradition while bringing in wardrobe, writing and camera-work touches that you might not get from homemade versions.

The dinner guests are all impressively well-mannered—except for the sullen teenage retriever, and the drunken auntie bulldog, and the kleptomaniac collie, and also just about everyone else.

The only problem is, for some inexplicable reason, the cat is at the head of the table (though it certainly would have been best at any kind of power games needed to claim the seat).

In any case, it's clear that the Internet's obsession with videos of cute animals has been a huge boon to pet food marketers—or really, any brand shameless enough to jump on the bandwagon.