Portrait of TJ Leonard

TJ Leonard

  • TJ Leonard is the CEO of Storyblocks, which empowers the creative community by providing premium stock media at prices all creators can afford. Prior to his current role, he led the marketing team at Storyblocks (formerly VideoBlocks) as CMO for over two years.

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    As Audiences Crave Authenticity, Brands Will Need to Deliver Genuine Videos

    TV / Video

    2019 will see more content creation from companies.

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    The Content Revolution Is Here, and It’s Time for Brands to Embrace It

    Brand Marketing

    Creative that lacks personality won't fair well.

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    Why Social Media and YouTube Creators Want More Diverse, Authentic Content

    Mobile Video

    Opinion: Brands should not be afraid to embrace the imperfect, messy imagery that reflects our everyday lives.

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    YouTube, Homer Simpson and the Creative Revolution

    Social Pro Daily

    Opinion: Perhaps YouTube's biggest misstep was assuming that it could apply a single-screen direct-response strategy to a multimedium upper-funnel platform.