Barry Lowenthal

Barry Lowenthal

Opinion Contributor
Barry Lowenthal is CEO of The Media Kitchen.

As the 2020 Election Looms, Consumers Look for Brands That Have Political Values

Remaining neutral no longer seems to be the best strategy.

Why Brands Struggle When Marketing to an Envious Consumer

Social media has created a market rife with jealousy and shame.

Why Signal Planning Is the Most Compelling Media Planning Innovation in Decades

Shopping and first-party data has made signal planning a compelling media planning innovation.

Here’s How an Agency Can Make Its Staff Performance Reviews Less Arbitrary

Two years ago, we weren't able to give everyone at The Media Kitchen a meaningful year-end bonus, which was always our tradition. I had to decide if I wanted to give a few people a good bonus or everyone a token.

Why Norman Pearlstine as Chief Content Officer Is a Brilliant Move

I was having lunch with a publisher of an important business magazine, owned by a Time Inc. competitor. He asked me what I thought about Norman Pearlstine returning to Time Inc. as chief content officer. I immediately said it was brilliant. In fact, I think it’s pretty innovative and forward thinking.

Why Companies Need a Head of Content Strategy, Creation and Distribution

Everything You Know About the Media Biz Is About to Change

The reason we spend so much time planning is because the consequences of making wrong media calls are very, very costly.

Voice: Living the Dream

I just unwrapped my brand-new, recently released iTV. It’s amazing! It looks like a 42-inch iPad that I mounted on my living room wall. I could’ve used the stand, but there’s something gorgeous about a giant wall mounted iPad.

Hoarding Disorder

Not long ago, I was attending a senior-level trade group meeting filled with many of the advertising industry’s most important CEOs, when the subject of sharing information came up. As […]

Now There’s Nowhere to Hide

Lately I’ve been a keen participant on Foursquare, a mobile GPS-enabled social network that launched last year at SXSW. I was late to the game and downloaded the mobile app […]