Carriers Lose $100M a Year to Poor Phone Usability

According to FierceMobileContent, market research firm Strategy Analytics just reported that carriers are losing $100 million per year in revenues as a result of poor interface designs on cellphones. This […]

Third Screen Media Adds Gaming

Mobile advertising company Third Screen Media just announced a partnership with Hovr, a mobile game publisher, to open up a new avenue for cellphone ads. According to Telephia, almost 19 […]

YouTube Comes to Apple TV

It’s been a busy day for Apple. Steve Jobs just announced in an interview with tech columnist Walt Mossberg that starting in June, Apple TV owners will be able to […]

Fortune: Apple TV is a Dud

Brent Schlender, editor-at-large for Fortune, wrote a well-reasoned piece on Apple TV and why it’s not performing up to expectations. There are also some amusing photos showing uses for the […]

Coming Soon: Too Many Commercials?

Business 2.0 magazine is reporting on the coming deluge of cellphone commercials. (Wow, that sure sounds appetizing.) Ad-sponsored cellphone content would mean that we could eventually get lots of programming […]

Trakzor: The MyBlogLog of Facebook

Just this morning as I was leaving my house I was thinking that MyBlogLog should add their application to Facebook. Then I viewed Mike Jones’ (CEO of Userplane) profile on […]

Should MySpace Have Seen This Coming?

While the new Facebook development platform was only announced last week, there was already a publicly available developer’s solution for months. The most recent step by Facebook was a logical […]

Flickr Facebook Application in the Works

In the coming week it looks like a Flickr application is going to be launched for Facebook. While it may not be the one officially developed by Yahoo engineers, it […]

Breaking: Apple Introduces iTunes Plus

This morning, Apple just launched iTunes Plus, their new service that allows consumers to buy unprotected music tracks from the iTunes Store. The upgraded tracks cost $1.29 each, and offer […]

Facebook's Insane Growth Rate

Facebook is growing like wildfire. According to an article released this morning, Facebook has shown a 90% increase in traffic since March! The runner up, Bebo, showed a 6% traffic […]