U.S. women curlers getting more marriage proposals than endorsement deals

Curlers_1Back to curling for a moment. The U.S. women may have crashed out of the Olympics with a 2-7 record, but judging by some of the comments posted to their blog, the Curl Girls are well worth an endorsement deal or two:
    “Cassie Johnson is a doll! Mesmerizing eyes with the delicate touch of an angel.”
    “Cassie: For a hot geek babe, you are a skilled stone strategist.
Actually, a stoic leader, a sleeping dragon. And I like your hair up.”
    “Jessica has a tattoo of a curling rock on her lower back! HOW COOL IS THAT?!”
    “Cassie you are so hot but a choker.”
    “My friends think I’m nuts, since I keep watching while I’m studying for the bar exam this week, but I have to say that I am so proud of you all, since no matter what happens, you keep smiling. … I wish I could say more, but space and good taste prevent that.”
    “Cassandra is seriously hypnotizing. I cannot stop thinking about her. Plus I’m not even kidding when I say I think I am in love with her.”
    “I hope I am not coming on too strong, for it is my fear she can throw the 42 lb. stones and ricchot them off of my face. It doesn’t matter because CASSIE I LOVE YOU!”
    “Cassie, I recognize that you would never take any of my attempts to ask you out like everyone else, so I will just wish you the best and hope you receive and love the fan mail that I will send. BEST OF LUCK!”
    “Maureen, I am totally in LOVE with YOU. Marry me, and you’ll never see the inside of a Home Depot again.”

—Posted by Tim Nudd

Photo: Dean Rutz/KRT/Newscom