StyleCaster lets models loose on the streets


Shaving several IQ points off our collective intelligence, StyleCaster, which bills itself as "the Web's first truly personalized, integrated fashion channel," today launches a short-film series "highlighting talent from the fashion industry and starring notable personalities from the fashion community." Does the fashion community have any notable personalities who aren't dead? The first clip, "Transformation," stars Jessica Joffe, described by Gawker as a "writer, blogger, socialite, model [and] ex-girlfriend of Ryan Adams." Oh, that Jessica Joffe. In the clip, I'm pretty sure she flashes the most intense (and longest-lasting) "come hither" stare in the history of cinema (or at least online video). Her eye sockets must've ached afterward. She also undresses in public and steals a necklace, but since this takes place in New York, no one seems to care. In fact, the jewelry's sitting in a street vendor's tray, so it was probably hot in the first place.

—Posted by David Gianatasio