New Zealand reporters get scoops … or else


Pelting reporters with tomatoes, or dangling them upside down from high above the street, if they don't break big stories? It's part of a promotion by New Zealand news and entertainment Web site Indeed, both punishments were meted out near the site's Auckland offices recently (see the videos below), along with banners that read: "If our team don't break stories first, there are consequences." Please, no quips about Stuff needing copy editors—the subject-verb agreement there is actually OK in New Zealand, where dictionaries and usage guides are routinely used to paper wallabies' cages. On a personal note, I'm sorry I didn't break this story on AdFreak first, but c'mon, guys, have a heart: The wind's picking up out here, and it's tough to type with my head banging against the flagpole!

—Posted by David Gianatasio