Nearby billboards can’t resist Donatos pizza


In an era of increasingly sophisticated and high-tech outdoor advertising, Columbus, Ohio, shop Engauge scores via the low-tech route with a series of billboards for the local Donatos pizza chain. Yes, the one-ad-encroaching-on-another thing's been done many times before, but never, to my knowledge, with stringy faux-mozzarella cheese as the bridging art element. The newscaster version below works best, because we journalists will grab free food whenever possible—the height of the billboard would pose no impediment whatsoever. The model in the ad above, I assume, has decided she's starved herself long enough. And this steaming pizza would go down best with a large cup of coffee from McDonald's, which is no slouch these days when it comes to eye-catching street displays of its own.

—Posted by David Gianatasio