Michael Bay directs new Victoria’s Secret ad


A Victoria's Secret commercial with driving guitar music, percussive editing, a helicopter and fiery finale? Sounds like a Michael Bay production. Wait … it is a Michael Bay production! Click here to see the 90-second spot. It works better than most of his films, actually, because he doesn't have to bother with nuisances like logic, plotting and character development and can focus on the evocative imagery and cinematic élan. On display are glitzy, colorful fantasies fueled by erotica and danger. That describes about three-quarters of Hollywood action flicks, so director and client make a perfect match. And the spot includes lots of hot chicks in their underwear. What's not to like, really? None of the models explodes, but knowing Bay, there's bound to be a sequel! Via The Hollywood Reporter's HeatVision.

—Posted by David Gianatasio