LSU ‘Onepeat’ taunt aims for a real dynasty

Dynasty_1The taunting of the University of Southern California over its failed bid to win its second consecutive NCAA national title this year just won’t end. Now, people can go to and vote for one of several billboards that have been created to provoke USC. The concept that gets the most votes will be put on a board near the USC campus, paid for by donations from Louisiana State University fans. The concepts are from Sullivan-St. Clair, an independent shop in Mobile, Ala. Agency president Rich Sullivan volunteered to do the work pro bono after reading about the effort on AdFreak several weeks ago. LSU fans were offended when the media began hyping this year’s Rose Bowl game as USC’s chance to win its third straight national title, even though LSU received the championship trophy after the 2003 season. (Sportswriters favored USC, which won the 2004 trophy but lost to the University of Texas in the Rose Bowl this past season.) The billboard is so popular in Louisiana that a company in Baton Rouge has offered to remove its own ad and give the space to the Onepeat movement.

—Posted by Jim Lovel