Long Island. We want a cool slogan too.

LongislandlogoAfter the resounding success (or was that failure?) of New Jersey’s recent slogan contest, Newsday columnist Ellis Henican recently challenged his readers to come up with a slogan for Long Island. As far as we know, Long Island doesn’t have an official motto. Nor is its tourism office looking for one. But that hasn’t stopped Henican’s readers from offering a few. “Sifting through the electronic heap,” Henican writes, “it’s obvious that funny and snarky and twisted come a whole lot easier to a lot of people around here than nice and kind and sweet.” Some of the suggestions: “Long Island: What’s it to you?" “Long Island: Yeah, we’re better than you!” And “Long Island: Do it here and your mother will know.” You can e-mail others to henican@newsday.com.

—Posted by Tim Nudd