An Art Director Carved the Coolest ‘Stranger Things’ Pumpkin You’ll See This Halloween

A worthy winner of Jack Morton's yearly contest

Quite a few amateur costume designers have already appeared in Halloween listicles this year for costumes inspired by the supernatural Netflix smash Stranger Things.

But who thought anyone could bring The Upside Down to life … inside a pumpkin? 

The annual carving contest held by IPG agency Jack Morton is a reliable source for All Hallow's Eve inspiration, with last year's edition ending in a tie between Kim K. and Jack Shit. This year, a team led by art director Chris Maroney wowed viewers with a two-sided squash depicting a collision between the increasingly paranoid reality of Stranger Things' Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder) with the dark universe inhabited by Eleven and her less charming acquaintances.



"Jack Morton's annual pumpkin carving competition is taken very seriously, so teams had to live up to the agency's purpose of 'Do something extraordinary,' " the shop's vp of brand marketing, Peter Sun, tells AdFreak. "The winning concept, led by our art director Chris Maroney, shows the two separate worlds from Stranger Things—the real world and the upside down—within the same pumpkin. The winning team has previously won Emmys for our broadcast set design work, so it was brilliant to see them just as determined to win this competition!" 

Now, which Jack-Morton-O-Lantern will take the cake next year? (Before you ask, "Trumpkin" was an entry last year.)