Toyin’ with evil

Mr. Potato Head has a new alter ego. He’s part-robot, part-potato and he’s crossed over to the dark side. He’s Darth Tater, Hasbro’s latest offering, created to promote the next […]

Dwelling on the ‘burbs

For some city-dwellers, it’s an article of faith that the suburbs are a cultural wasteland. If you want to hear a concert or see a play, they believe, you’ve got […]

You mean gay as in happy?

“Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? SpongeBob SquarePants! Who’s obviously gay? Oh, like you can’t see!” Er … that’s right. Not content with villainizing live-action entertainment, conservative Christian […]

The way Starbucks sees it

We usually prefer the Mud Truck, but for whatever reason we got a chai tea latte at Starbucks this morning, and saw this written on the side: “Why are we […]

That’s the thing

As AdFreak’s final dispatch from greater Tucson, we’d like to introduce you to the billboard campaign for The Thing, the wackiest such ad effort we’ve seen since we saw those […]

Takin’ the advertiser train

We’ve heard this plan floated before … that the MTA is dying to stick an advertiser name on every inch of its vast New York City transit system—but yesterday’s New […]

Random thoughts on the iPod shuffle

Everyone and their with-it uncle has been talking about—and lauding—the new iPod shuffle, the pack-of-gum-sized music player that holds as many as 240 songs. But we’re not buying it—and not […]

Ads in captivity

Maybe AdFreak doesn’t get out as much as it should—this blogging thing, we’ve discovered, means that some days our closest personal relationship is with our PC—but we got on an […]

Brad to the rescue

Sure, the ads are a big highlight of the Super Bowl, but we here at AdFreak have found the slide in recent years from smart, accessible humor to total obnoxiousness […]

Caught with his pants down?

Perhaps the price reality-TV stars pay for being in the public eye is too high. It seems Richard Hatch, who won the first “season” of Survivor—the show that arguably began […]