Ken Auletta on the advertising industry

The New Yorker turns Ken Auletta loose on the ad business in this week’s issue with “The new pitch: Do ads still work?” Auletta catches up with folks including Roy […]

Take a walk in my $250 shoes

Adidas has received thousands of dollars’ worth of publicity over the launch of its $250 shoe, the Adidas_1, which contains a computer chip. The venerable German brand now seems to […]

A Greek fantasy to butter you up

The Greek Tourism Ministry recently launched a $75 million global ad campaign promoting Greece as a year-round vacation destination, with ads inviting travelers to “Live your myth in Greece.” As […]

The return of the sleaziest show ever

I have fond memories of coming home from school, grabbing a snack, flipping on the TV and settling in to watch Maury Povich anchoring A Current Affair, the sleaziest program […]

Do you clean better than Mom did?

This is always a sad time of year for slobs. Nobody ever talks about “summer cleaning,” “fall cleaning” or “winter cleaning.” But “spring cleaning” is such an obligatory activity that […]

Lil’ Kim conviction just not B.I.G. enough

Felony convictions can be the jewel in a rap artist’s crown. Just ask C-Murder, who went to prison for, well, murder. But rapper Lil’ Kim’s perjury and conspiracy convictions, handed […]

Putting the spread in spreadsheet

Scurrying into office conference rooms to check out the NCAA basketball tourney might be a thing of the past. Thanks to fairly decent streaming video offered for the first time […]

Beer companies! Missed sponsorship opportunity!

So, we were reading yesterday that a house in Houston that’s covered in flattened beer cans has received a $125,000 endowment grant from something called the Orange Show Center for […]

The latest American export

America has successfully exported our entertainment, our software, and, often, our politics, but there’s a new export success story: we’ve actually managed to export our obesity! Congratulations and a free […]

Taking aim at the military mindset

How do you advertise a killing machine without sounding scandalously callous? At Interpublic’s TM Advertising, it’s sometimes a close call, says art director Stephen Lohr. Four years ago, Lohr and […]