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This Colorado Agency Just Made 3 Strains of Marijuana Specifically for Ad People

Special cultivars for creatives, strategists and technologists

Need a little mind-altering inspiration in your advertising job? Colorado agency TDA_Boulder has just the thing—three new strains of marijuana designed to get agency creatives, strategists and technologists in the…

This Bank Found a Way for Men to Browse Pinterest Without Feeling Ashamed

Make it look like you're browsing sports, meat and power tools!

How tough is it to scout for pillow shams and window treatments, Mr. New Homeowner, while keeping your manhood intact? Extremely difficult, if not downright impossible, on chick-dominated Pinterest. FirstBank of…

This Pizza Brand's Outdoor Ads Are Hard to Notice, and That's the Point

Near invisibility is a virtue for Daiya Foods

Making out-of-home ads that are hard for people to see sounds like a terrible idea. But Daiya Foods does just that with clever ad placements in a new campaign that…

Agency Wants Its Next Art Director to Be Cool, So the Interview Will Be Over Two Days in Vegas

Getting to know you

TDA_Boulder is looking for a new art director, but the interview process will be unique. In fact, if all goes well, it might end up looking like outtakes from The…

2 Ad Agencies Produce This Holiday Season's Most Anti-Consumerist Toy

Give the gift of Bawx

Leave it to a couple of ad agencies to upend the holiday season with the year's most radical toy. Independent shops Barton F. Graf 9000 in New York and TDA_Boulder…

Ditch Work Early and Cover Your Tracks With the Happy Hour Virus

Agency recruiting effort fakes computer crashes

Is it possible to have work-life balance in the advertising biz? Sure, with the right amount of self-inflicted sabotage. That's the idea behind "The Happy Hour Virus" from Colorado agency TDA_Boulder,…

Condom Maker Asks Women What They Won't Put in Their Vaginas

Besides chemicals, of course

Sir Richard's condoms, last seen defending the honor of sluts everywhere, is back with another provocative campaign from ad agency TDA_Boulder, this time asking women to share "rules about what…

Sluts Fight Back in Condom Maker's Social Campaign

Sir Richard's has pro-slut oath, free avatars

Sluts are under siege, but condom maker Sir Richard's isn't going to stand idly by and watch it happen. Sir Richard's is fighting back with a new site,, where…