Topic: Super Bowl 2012

A-B on Super Bowl: Time to Launch Products

Two brand extensions follow Bud Light Platinum last year

For Anheuser-Busch, the Super Bowl has morphed into a day for new product launches. Last year, the brewer launched Bud Light Platinum on the big game, and this year, two other…

No Finger Flap Fallout Fines for M.I.A. Expected

The bird gesture probably safe under FCC rules

M.I.A.'s flip of the bird and bleeped-out fleeting expletive during Madonna's Super Bowl halftime performance may have caused a real flap, but unlike Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction in 2004, which…

Data Points: Ad Scorecard

Despite rising costs, sponsors spend more each year to engage viewers during the big game

Even as ads are getting longer, fans are getting harder to reach. Super Bowl fans are demanding more of TV commercials, if they’re not muting them altogether. Infographic: Carlos Monteiro Click here to…