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The Silicon Kingdom: Disney Invests in Tech Startup Program

Launches accelerator with Techstars

Disneyland could be the next Silicon Valley with its new program to jumpstart tech companies. Disney is getting into the accelerator business, sprinkling investments like pixie dust on a select…

How Filmmaker Casey Neistat Gets Away With Murder

Director does his own thing for Nike and Mercedes

Specs Who Casey Neistat Age 32 New gig Freelance commercial director Old gig Commercial director, HSI Productions You mostly make unbranded videos. How did you get into branded work? I met Andy Spade in 2002 or…

A Very Brief History of Web Video

From lonelygirl15 to billions of viewers

December 1995-January 1999 After seeing Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s short Spirit of Christmas, TV exec Brian Graden commissions a second video he distributes to friends on VHS. The video—and…

Steve Jobs Memorial Site Designed in Style of the Original Mac OS Interface

Click around like it's the '80s

A new startup called Rememberum, which gives people tools to create online memorials to their loved ones, has unveiled a promotional example for Steve Jobs—a site most notable for being…

Campbell Soup Seeks Big Ideas From Small Groups

CEO pushes soup giant to move faster, 'think outside the can'

Campbell Soup Co. certainly benefits from its large scale, but CEO Denise Morrison sees nimbleness as key to driving innovation and growth in the future. Accordingly, Morrison encourages company staffers to…

New Wired Editor Scott Dadich Likes to Blow Things Up

Condé Nast’s iPad guru puts his stamp on the iconic tech title

Specs Age 36 New gig Editor in chief, Wired Old gig Vp, editorial platforms and design, Condé Nast In your first editor’s letter, you said that you were planning to “blow some stuff up”…

First Mover: David Wertheimer

Fox's new digital chief wants to harness social media's power for viewers and advertisers

Specs Age 44 New gig President, digital, Fox Broadcasting Company Old gig CEO, Entertainment Technology Center, USC So you’re Fox’s digital guru. Shouldn’t that make you want to step up your Twitter game? I…

Adweek Minute: Lee Clow #10

In his final minute Lee reveals the lesson his relationship with Steve Jobs has for brands other than Apple

Adweek Minute: Lee Clow #10

Adweek Minute: Lee Clow #9

Recalls how every Apple product reflected the brand ethos

Adweek Minute: Lee Clow #9

Adweek Minute: Lee Clow #8

When Steve and Lee returned to Apple in 1997 the mission needed a new statement

Adweek Minute: Lee Clow #8