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Amazon Is Dominating Online Retail Going Into the Holiday Shopping Season

Data-rich chart shows it's a statistical rout

Some might say it's Amazon's online world, and the rest of us are just browsing in it. And while virtually roaming Amazon's real estate, many people also spend a crazy of…

Carnival Is Using Facial Recognition on Cruises to Help Passengers Buy Photos of Themselves

Souped-up ship plays with digital photography

The next time you take a Carnival cruise, don't be surprised if the brand digitally tags you in photos taken aboard the ship. The Carnival Vista just finished making its first…

Twitter Is Now Letting Apps Advertise With Video

Previews mean more downloads

Twitter's video ads are looking for a little more action. For the first time, the microblogging platform is allowing advertisers to drive app installs directly from promoted videos, the company…

Check Out Uber's Brilliant Marketing Hack for LGBT Pride Month

Getting big buzz after SCOTUS' marriage equality decision

If you have your own platform, it never hurts to use it to market your own brand. Throughout all of June, Uber has shown its support for Pride Month with a…

Brands Make a Match With Dating Apps

20th Century Fox, Crunch Fitness test out new ads

Twentieth Century Fox last week launched an ambitious ad campaign on Tinder for its forthcoming comedy Spy, underscoring how dating apps have been embraced not only by consumers but also…

SoulCycle Spins Into the Growing Mobile Fitness Market With Its New App

Book your classes, then disconnect and ride

SoulCycle is known—and often parodied—for making spin classes a national craze. Until now, the buzz mostly came from word-of-mouth. But today, the brand launches a mobile app, supported by one…

National Baseball Hall of Fame's App Pings You With Location-Based Facts

76-year-old museum tests mobile check-ins

With Major League Baseball season less than a week away, the National Baseball Hall of Fame is tapping into sports fans' addiction to their smartphones this year. Today, the Hall of…

Trojan Turns Sex Education Into a Cards Against Humanity-Style Game

An interesting twist on branded apps

Spring break is in full force for America's college students, and Trojan has a new mobile app designed to turn awkward sex talks into a fun game. Trojan and agency Meredith…

Facebook is Now Helping Marketers Fine-Tune Those Ads for Mobile Apps

How about a game to go with that new tablet?

For companies that love to advertise their apps on Facebook during the holidays, the social site has some new targeting options this year.  Now, mobile-app advertisers are guaranteed their promos will…

Facebook Departs From Real-Name Policy to Allow Privacy in Rooms

New app reminiscent of old Web

Facebook’s new app Rooms is a nod to the desire for anonymity online and represents a throwback to the old-school Internet. Facebook launched its anticipated privacy-centric app this week to…