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Q&A: How Leo Burnett's CEO and CCO Built a Creative Powerhouse in 10 Years

Celebrating a killer creative year after a decade together

Leo Burnett celebrated a banner year in terms of its creative output and all the awards the global agency racked up—an Emmy for the "Like a Girl" campaign, 69 Cannes…

How the Pillsbury Doughboy Has Stayed Fresh (Hoo Hoo!) for 50 Years

One copywriter's enduring idea

Rudolph Perz first saw the dough boy in his own kitchen. It was 1965. The Leo Burnett copywriter, working on the Pillsbury account, was at his Chicago home preparing Crescent…

Sorry, Britain, but This Lovely Christmas Ad From Spain Is the One to Watch This Year

Leo Burnett's short lottery film

Britain was the country that turned Christmas into an advertising showcase. But this year, a Spanish ad from Leo Burnett Madrid might just beat anything the U.K. turns out. The holiday…

Samsung Offered Young People a Free Vacation, With One Super-Awkward Caveat

Would you do it?

If you get twitchy when someone starts swiping back through the photos on your phone, this French ad for Samsung will truly make you uncomfortable. I'm currently judging at the international…

How Slurpee Made Real 3-D Cups From the Soundwaves of Its Radio Ads

Burnett makes marketing you can drink from

If you could drink a Slurpee out of anything, would you choose a plastic cup modeled from the soundwaves of a radio ad? To celebrate Australia's Bring Your Own Cup Day—a…

Jaded About Advertising? Watch This Video and Feel as Inspired as a Clueless Intern Again

Burnett's ode to innocence

It's easy to get disillusioned with advertising after, say, your first few months on the job. But what's not to like, really? You get free food, and free drinks, and…

How Always' Brand Director Turned an Ad Into a Movement That Shattered Stereotypes

Adweek’s 2015 Brand Genius winner for CPG/personal care

It's typical for brands to generate tons of buzz from a Super Bowl spot. It's less frequent that a brand gets to use a Super Bowl ad to question gender…

Keep an Eye Out for the Painful Twist in UnitedHealthcare's Sweet Ad About Young Love

Lab partners and soul mates

Leo Burnett and UnitedHealthcare had a big hit last spring with a commercial called "Our Song," in which a couple at home started passionately dancing—with disastrous results—when "(I've Had) The…

Ad of the Day: McDonald's All-Day Breakfast Is Here, and People Are Losing Their Minds

Leo Burnett spots capture real, ecstatic social-media reactions

McDonald's all-day breakfast launches today, and with it, three new spots from Leo Burnett—to go with one that's already been airing—in which actors deadpan actual tweets and Facebook posts from…

Leo Burnett Invents Temporary Tattoos that Scan Like QR Codes

Ink with a digital touch for Thai tourism

At international tourism expos, competition to attract attention from foreign tourists is high—and most vendors still rely on flyers to get the message across. So, the Tourism Authority of Thailand came…