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Ad of the Day: Honda Puts Its History on Paper in This Amazing 2-Minute PES Animation

RPA goes back to basics

Those who were disappointed that animator PES wasn't hired for this Ikea spot will rejoice today upon seeing the Oscar nominee's latest brand work—a remarkable two-minute Honda spot from RPA…

Ad of the Day: Honda Explores the Strange Art of Precision Walking in This HR-V Spot

Mcgarrybowen steps right up with another eye-catcher

In a beautiful display of step-by-step precision, Honda's latest TV ad for its new HR-V focuses on walking—not driving. The new 60-second spot, "Stepping," created by mcgarrybowen London for Honda Europe,…

Ad of the Day: Wieden + Kennedy Shoots for the Stars in Grand 'Ignition' Film for Honda

Brand celebrates 'daring and human endeavor'

We have "Ignition." That's the title of Wieden + Kennedy London's new pan-European campaign for Honda, which uses spaceflight as a visual metaphor for bold innovation. Actually, the metaphors are mightily mixed…

Ad of the Day: Leo Burnett Brings a Colorful Fantasy to Life for Honda

CR-V spot mirrors a child's imagination

This ad by Leo Burnett Melbourne for the Honda CR-V Series II is certainly a horse of a different color. That color is pink, the hue of a young girl's favorite…

5 Lessons Honda Learned About Reaching Millennials With Music

YouTube success will mean smaller TV spend

Marketers and agencies are always saying that content is king. But few clients have put money behind that maxim like American Honda Motor Co., which a year ago rolled out…

Ad of the Day: Honda Stretches Your Face in Fun, Trippy Launch Spot for HR-V

Looking for that perfect fit

Conventional wisdom says millennials don't buy a lot of new cars. They're too busy playing with their iPhones. Or they're ideologically opposed to gas-guzzling, pollution-spewing automobiles. Conventional wisdom is often wrong,…

Ad of the Day: Honda Perfects Split-Second Moments of Driving in Stunning Civic Spot

Engineering a feeling

Lately, Honda drivers have been going nowhere fast. And their strange travels have yielded some memorably unusual advertising. First, the automaker took us on a CR-V journey that wouldn't end. Now,…

Ad of the Day: Honda Just Keeps Driving in This Hypnotic, Looping Ad That Never Ends

Mcgarrybowen's sequel to award-winning 'Illusions' spot

What better way for an automaker to communicate performance, longevity and a never-ending commitment to quality than with an ad that itself never ends? Honda and mcgarrybowen London have made just…

Honda Teaches You to Speed Read in Three Ads That Go Faster and Faster

Ready to really step on the gas?

Honda teaches you to speed read in a series of ads which—in a nice nod to its vehicles—keep accelerating if you're up for a challenge. Apps have revolutionized speed read lately…

Skeletor Is Waging a Twitter Takeover of @Honda. Here Are the Best Moments So Far

Master of the Twitterverse

One of the universe's greatest villians has conquered the Twitter feed of one the world's most recognized automotive brands. Yes, it appears that Skeletor, the nemesis of He-Man (both of '80s…