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Two (Very) Old Friends Recall the Glories of 1934 in Charming Ads for Steak 'n Shake

Percy and Walter's journey through the past

Nothing sells fast food like cranky old people reminiscing and/or bickering with each other. That's what GSD&M is hoping, because their three new spots for Steak 'n Shake depend on it.…

The Lee Man and Lee Woman Do Ridiculous Lee Things in Jean Maker's Upbeat Rebrand

You'll never have to take them off

Lee Jeans are back, and they're full of action. After fading from pop consciousness in recent years, the denim label has launched a major rebranding campaign from GSD&M, themed "Move Your…

Southwest Airlines Brings Back 'Wanna Get Away' Campaign, Gone for Almost a Decade

Carrier and agency GSD&M pick up where they left off

Southwest Airlines jets back to the future in new work from GSD&M, revisiting its "Wanna Get Away" campaign, which flew off the radar almost a decade ago. GSD&M developed the concept…

GSD&M Creatives Just Made the Freaking Coolest Holiday Wrapping Paper Ever

For the world's best gifts

Do you spend the holiday season triumphantly pumping your fist in the air, buoyed by the unwavering belief that your gift ideas are so absolutely spot on, they'll make their…

Christopher Guest Returns With More Hilarious Best in Show Spoofs for PetSmart

A coddled shih tzu and his loony owners

During the Oscars, PetSmart and Christopher Guest launched a pretty excellent campaign themed around Best in Show. Now, they're back with more. The new material from GSD&M is particularly reminiscent of…

Christopher Guest Channels Best in Show for Brilliantly Bizarre PetSmart Ads

Anna Faris, Jennifer Coolidge star

If you were a fan of Christopher Guest's classic movie Best in Show, PetSmart has the perfect campaign for you. The brand, with agency GSD&M, hired the writer, actor and filmmaker…

Southwest Airlines Is Completely, Hopelessly, Head Over Heels in Love in New Ads

Flying to its fields of dreams

When it comes to airports and traveling by plane, what's not to love? GSD&M spins the Beatles' flower-power anthem "All You Need Is Love" in these Southwest Airlines ads celebrating the…

Meet Pumpkin-Headed Turkey Claus, King of Holiday Shopping Mascots!

RetailMeNot mocks the hand that feeds it

Daily-deal sites are a dime a dozen, but how many have their own holiday? has invented OctoNovemCember, a magical time of year when Pumpkin-Headed Turkey Claus travels the Web…

Ace Hardware

GSD&M urges you to find your soul paint

Agency: GSD&M, Austin, Texas • Ace is bringing 10 colors to life, literally, in over 30 online videos, TV and print ads, to tout its newest 120-color paint line, Clark…