Topic: Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile has bus-stop paper shredders

Boost Mobile may be trying to atone for recent sins (the pigs-eating-ham commercial, for one thing) with this neat little public-service offering: live paper shredders at bus stops in Chicago and Boston,…

It's a Hog-Eat-Hog World in Latest Boost Spot

Boost Mobile is covering all the distasteful bases with its "Unwrong'd" campaign from 180LA. Following the earlier ads with the unhygienic coroner and the hirsute woman cyclist, we have this…

Boost Mobile ratchets up the repugnance

To think, just last week, I thought Boost Mobile's latest Spanish-language ad was annoying. Well, the English-language effort by 180LA is downright disgusting. The lead character in "Coroner" drops his breakfast…