How Instagram, Google, Facebook and Other Tech Notables Are Getting Out the Vote

This afternoon, Instagram is sending many of its 100 million U.S. users a reminder to go vote. The mobile app announced today that it built the feature over the weekend, and it's reaching people who allow push notifications on their smartphones.

Zipcar Is Offering Free Cars for Voters to Drive to the Polls on Election Day

Zipcar is making more than 7,000 cars free on election day to help its members get to the polls.

Zipcar Is Offering Pokemon Go Players Free Rides in Boston

If you are a Bostonian who is sick of Pokemon Go players walking around and staring at their phones, Zipcar today could be making your sidewalk scene a little less crowded. 

Zipcar Can Now Track How Many People See Its Rolling Ad Campaign in Seattle and D.C.

Zipcar is rolling out a campaign in Seattle and Washington D.C. that blends an old-school advertising technique with new technology—it's wrapping ads around cars and tracking how many people see them.

Why Cross-Device Programmatic Advertising Is Ready to Take Off in 2016

Consumers increasingly get their content across smartphones, laptops and desktops, so brands are eager to run campaigns that reach consumers on every one of those screens. With technology catching up to demand, marketers are predicting that 2016 will be cross-device programmatic's great leap forward. The era of targeting only to a particular device appears to be on the way out.

Infographic: How Key Lifestyle Brands Resonate With Millennials, Gen Xers and Boomers

Y&R BAV Worldwide asked consumers to choose their favorite brands in specific categories. "Consumers of all ages want brands to feel personalized and meaningful to them," said Y&R BAV president Michael Sussman.

Zipcar’s New Ads Want You to ‘Tap That’ Wherever You Go

A quick and easy way to reserve a car? You'd tap that.The characters in Zipcar's new, innuendo-filled ad campaign certainly do a lot of tapping. In fact, they tap anything that moves—as long as it's on four wheels and is unlocked by tapping a Zipcard on it.Three new spots were created without an agency by Zipcar's in-house creative team working with boutique production company Hayden 5. They were directed by Pete Marquis and Jamie McCelland, whose previous work for Hello Flo went megaviral."Their work for Hello Flo was definitely something we had noticed, and we felt like their sensibility really meshed with our brand and what we're trying to accomplish," says Zipcar spokeswoman Lindsay Wester.Check out the spots below.

BMW Moves Into Zipcar’s Territory

To win over trendy young drivers, BMW is launching a new on-street car-sharing service this month in San Francisco. Drivers will be able to rent BMW electric cars that are parked on city streets and return them to several drop-off points in the Bay Area, including major airports.

Zipcar’s Customer Service Gets Horrible Reviews

As the sharing economy matures, players like Zipcar are getting schooled in the fine art of customer service.The Avis-owned car-sharing pioneer has been hounded by online consumer complaints even as it aggressively expands its fleet and locations.

Marketers Need to Embrace Peer-to-Peer Activities

There’s a group of hardware store employees in the San Francisco Bay Area who embody that sage observation that we humans are not “cisterns made for hoarding—we are channels made for sharing.” They also happen to personify a trend that’s reshaping our service-based society, one that increasingly has top consumer brands jumping on board: the sharing economy.