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How Starburst’s Little Lad Inspired Wheat Thins’ Famous ‘Family Guy’ Ad

What does Starburst's classic "Bus Station" commercial, with the Little Lad, have in common with the famous Wheat Thins Family Guy spot? Lots and lots of mentions of the product name—a gag that Lisa Topol used to great effect in crafting the latter spot when she was a creative director at Being in 2012.

Twitter Tells Brands They Can Reach 30% of Their Followers for Free

Twitter is telling brands, "Come to us if you want to reach fans freely." The company said today that marketers can hit an audience equal in size to 30 percent of their followers in a given week with a consistent and free tweeting strategy. That level of free exposure contrasts with Facebook, where brands have to pay to be seen by more than 5 percent of their fans.

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Illustration: Alvaro Dominguez

Ad for Popped Wheat Thins Has the World’s Slowest Airborne Police Chase

Wheat Thins revisits the golden age of ballooning in this weird spot from New York agency Being for the cracker brand's new air-popped snacks.Why they went with cops trying to pull someone over, I have no idea; the concept doesn't really need them, and neither does the visual gag they're setting up (being outpaced by a slow-moving bird). But I suppose the randomness is part of the charm.I suppose Wheat Thins probably should be a controlled substance, though. They taste too good to not be drugs somehow.Credits below.

Mondelēz Teams With Twitter to Better Its Global Real-Time Marketing

Mondelēz International has inked a global partnership with Twitter to improve the consumer-packaged-goods giant's real-time marketing around the world.

Adweek’s Top 10 Commercials of the Week

Ad of the Day: Wheat Thins

Wheat Thins has a sense of humor.

Tracy Morgan, Alex Trebek Do Their Thing for Wheat Thins

Stewie from Family Guy has given way to Tracy from 30 Rock and Alex from Jeopardy! in the latest TV ads for Kraft's Wheat Thins from ad agency Being. Like Stewie himself, the two new ads are short (15 seconds each) and certainly quirky. For pure entertainment value, it's hard to beat Stewie and Brian duking it out on the proper pronunciation of "wheat." (The millions who've viewed the previous ad on YouTube would agree.) Still, the sight of Morgan in Dr. Dentons searching for his "invisible pants" in a white apartment overrun by gerbils is pretty funny. "We were trying to create the world that Tracy Morgan lives in," explains Kraft senior marketing director Jim Low. Less amusing is Trebek interrupting cocktail-party chatter to explain the origins of Hackensack, the name of densely populated city in New Jersey. He's certainly in character, though. The ads, which tout two new flavors (Spicy Buffalo and Zesty Salsa), broke Sunday during the NCAA tournament—Wheat Thins is a sponsor—and will run through July. Second spot after the jump.brightcove.createExperiences();

MediaVest Places Kraft With Key MTV Network Shows

You think you know Wheat Thins?" Stephen Colbert asked his audience last night on The Colbert Report. "[Bleep] you.

Ad of the Day: Wheat Thins

For its latest spot from ad agency Being in New York, Wheat Thins has enlisted a famous pair of spokes-cartoons: Brian and Stewie from Family Guy.