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Rooster CCO Gavin McInnes Asked to Take Leave of Absence

Gavin McInnes, chief creative officer of Rooster in New York, has been asked to take an indefinite leave of absence following the publication of a transphobic essay. 

Fast Chat: Gavin McInnes

You’re in charge of [advertising agency] Rooster’s branded entertainment, among other creative duties. It sounds like you’ve retained the voice you had at Vice magazine. Rooster hasn’t restricted you?

Vice Gets Corporate

In Vice Media’s continuing effort to transform itself from a fringe youth magazine into what its founders hope will be a global media empire, the company is now poaching from among the ranks of traditional conglomerates by hiring Alex Angeledes, previously a vice president and general sales manager in charge of MTV’s Music and Youth Group on the West Coast, to serve as its chief

Vice Talks Porn But Delivers News at Upfront

“We’re about to do the weirdest upfront ever,” Vice Media CEO and co-founder Shane Smith told a loud audience of hundreds, just after taking a stage at the Williamsburg Savings Bank in downtown Brooklyn. “We’ve never done an upfront before and, I’ve never been to an upfront, so this is how I imagined it.”

Creating Ads for People Who Hate Ads

Gavin McInnes doesn’t care about your product. This would be all well and good if the co-founder of Vice magazine—that bible of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, N.Y., hipsterdom—hadn’t gone and rebranded himself as an adman. But with Rooster, the four-person shop where he is creative director, McInnes has morphed into just that.