Year of the Troll: Brands Learn to Love Messing With Consumers

Is JCPenney drunk tweeting the Super Bowl? Is Sports Illustrated putting Barbie on the cover of its Swimsuit Issue? Does Groupon really think Alexander Hamilton was president?

Why Apple’s Topsy Buy May Be All About Its Social TV Future

Apple raised eyebrows yesterday with its curious acquistion of the social analytics firm Topsy. While many have wondered what the deal is all about, many experts believe it points in one direction: the social television space.

Does Real-Time Marketing Work?

Ever since Oreo had its big Super Bowl blackout moment, netting nearly 7 million tweets, marketers have used social media to capitalize on just about every news and cultural moment, from the birth of the Royal Baby to the Emmys. But has it worked?

Topsy’s Social Data Now Includes the Very First Tweets

Social analytics firm Topsy has added the entire history of public Twitter messages to its real-time data platform, including stats dating back to the first-ever tweet more than seven years ago.

Twitter Anoints 12 Partners in Certified Product Program

Being a platform means people want to build on top of you. Badly. Facebook and Twitter are arguably the most attractive social platforms for developers, in large part thanks to each company’s massive user base. While many developers may want to build on Twitter, however, that doesn’t mean Twitter wants them to—at least not without their say-so.