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‘The Interview’ Is Now a Rallying Cry for Freedom as It Shoots to No. 1 on Google Play

Call it a showing of Christmas patriotism, at least for some viewers.The Interview shot to the top-selling spot on Google's Play store almost instantly after being released online on Christmas Eve in defiance of a hacking group that threatened to shut down Seth Rogen and James Franco's buddy movie.

Google Boosts Music Offerings With Songza Deal

Google's musical ambitions took another step forward today with its purchase of Songza, a music-discovery app that complements a streaming music service and another service that Google is developing with YouTube.

True Blood Is Ending, Y’all

That’s a wrap for HBO’s True Blood, Alan Ball’s Southern-fried follow-up to Six Feet Under.

PwC: Digital Consumption Driving Media Dealmaking

Companies in the media industry are making investments to keep up with consumers' shift to digital consumption, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers' newly released 2013 U.S. deal insights for the entertainment, media and communications sector.

Walmart to Rip DVDs for Consumers With TV/Film Industry Partnership Ultraviolet

Walmart is launching a DVD-ripping service for its customers, uploading their movies to UltraViolet's cloud so that they're accessible via the big-box chain's Vudu service. The service represents a partnership between Walmart; UltraViolet, which has everyone from Sony to Warner Bros. on board; and technology entrepreneurs (Vudu was its own company before Walmart acquired it).

Broadcasters File Suit Against Aereo

Broadcaster owners in New York filed lawsuits Thursday against Aereo, a service that delivers broadcast TV via the Internet. In two separate complaints filed in the U.S.

Time Warner CEO Pushes TV Everywhere as a Necessity for Cable Operators

Time Warner chairman and CEO Jeff Bewkes isn't exactly known for his shyness on the subject of streaming video on demand services, having referred to Netflix as both "a 200-pound chimp" that wants to be an 800-pound gorilla and "

Yet Another Streaming Service: Comcast’s Xfinity Streampix

All right, it's more or less raining new streaming services at this point. Comcast is the latest company to unveil a new streaming VOD client, hot on the heels of competitor Verizon a scant two weeks ago.

Turner, CBS Say College Hoops Fans Must Pay—Somehow


New Company Aereo to Provide Online Streaming of Broadcast TV

First-run broadcast content has long been the holy grail in the streaming wars; now, it's coming to New York residents via a new company called Aereo. The Web-based service will be available on platforms like Roku and Apple TV and has among its backers FirstMark Capital, High Line Venture Partners and, most notably, Barry Diller's IAC.