South Africa

Ogilvy Nabs a Grand Prix at Cannes for KFC Radio Ads Telling Men They’re Still Manly

CANNES, France—Ogilvy & Mather Johannesburg took home the Grand Prix in the Radio Lions contest at the Cannes Lions festival here tonight for a KFC campaign that humorously reassured men that they are still manly even if they occasionally do unmanly things.

Testicles Give Amusing ‘Testi-Monials’ in This Straight-Talking Anti-Cancer Campaign

We started the week with testicle-themed advertising, and now we come full circle.Men don't really like to talk about testicular cancer. But the testicles themselves certainly do, judging by this disturbing yet comical cancer-awareness campaign from FCB Cape Town for the Cancer Association of South Africa. 

A Couple’s First Kiss Comes Too Late in This Remarkable, Horrific Seat-Belt PSA

By and large, road safety ads are not a sunny category. Still, this new seatbelt PSA from South Africa manages to be impressively and powerfully dark. Created by the government of the country's Western Cape province, with help from Y&R, it stars a young couple who make eyes with each other at a party, and spend the rest of the night trying (and failing) to find a place to neck without being interrupted. By the time they pile into a car with their friends—and the young man opts not to buckle up—it's beyond clear that this particular romance will be short-lived. But even if viewers see disaster coming, "The First Kiss" delivers on a scale that's nothing short of surprising. 

How Trevor Noah Is Making The Daily Show His Own, Without Changing It Completely

On Sept. 28, the final piece of the recast late-night lineup clicked into place with the debut of The Daily Show With Trevor Noah.

KFC Comically Re-enacts Mick Fanning’s Shark Attack, but He’s Not Laughing

It was the shark attack caught on a live surfing broadcast, and then seen around the world. But Mick Fanning's family is condemning a comical new KFC ad that revisits the Australian's recent brush with death—saying it's no laughing matter.

The Couple Who Quit Their Ad Jobs to Travel the World Ended Up Poor and Scrubbing Toilets

You remember Chanel Cartell and Stevo Dirnberger, the South African couple who quit their agency jobs this year to travel the world and document the experience. It sounded like a dream, and the lovely Instagram photos have made it look like one.But halfway through their year-long odyssey (they're currently in Athens, having traveled 25,000 kilometers so far), they've posted a reality check on their blog—a post titled "Why We Quit Our Jobs In Advertising To Scrub Toilets"—in which they share "the uglier side of our trip." It turns out that following one's dream—while working odd jobs in exchange for room and board—involves a lot of dirty work, and more than a few tears.

Ad of the Day: This Incredible Scouting Ad Shows How Lessons Can Last a Lifetime

Being a Scout isn't just about roasting marshmallows and hiking through the wilderness. It's also about learning life-saving skills that stick with you far beyond childhood.

Bic Apologizes for Women’s Day Ad That Mostly Just Made Women Furious

Bic continues to have trouble talking to women.

This Agency Ran a Print Ad About How Angry It Was That No One Ran Its Print Ad

Here's the moment when spec advertising finally digests its own tail.

Meet the Couple Who Quit Their Ad Jobs to Take the Most Creative Trip Around the World

You've dreamed about it. But Chanel Cartell and Stevo Dirnberger are doing it.After a decade in advertising, the South African couple—inspired by a talk by Stefan Sagmeister—recently quit their agency jobs and hit the road for an epic adventure. They're traveling the world for a year and documenting the experience. But this isn't some Lost in America-style escape plan. The How Far From Home project is intended to be a grand creative exercise that will hopefully recharge their batteries.