Fisher-Price Makes Toys for Sensitive Boys in SNL’s Latest Darkly Comic Fake Ad

For some kids, typical toys just don't cut it. There isn't a section of Fisher-Price's website dedicated to introspective children who are, as Saturday Night Live puts it, "just sort of waiting for adulthood."  The latest faux ad from the show Donald Trump loves to hate is a wonderfully weird look at how Fisher-Price might pitch a toy line for sensitive boys. 

Liberals Build a City-Size Bubble to Hide From Trump’s America in Great Fake SNL Ad

Donald Trump was quick to complain about Saturday's episode of SNL. "It is a totally one-sided, biased show—nothing funny at all," he wrote early Sunday on Twitter. And sure, it had plenty of Trump bashing, as Alec Baldwin returned as the president-elect and, among other things, Googled "What is ISIS?" But the fake commercial below might have at least put a small smirk on Trump's face, as it mocked progressives by imagining a city-size bubble they could live in—to close themselves off along with all of their "open-minded" friends.

SNL Made a Parody of Apple’s ‘1984’ to Poke Fun at Kohler’s Futuristic Toilets

Given Saturday Night Live's love of fake ads, it was only a matter of time before it tackled Apple's "1984." So what did they do with the spot that transformed Super Bowl advertising? They took on the tyranny of futuristic toilet design—as seen in DDB's recent ads for Kohler. While it isn't quite a shot-for-shot remake of the Chiat/Day ad, the two-minute spoof does feature several hallmarks from Ridley Scott's original. There's a prison-like vibe, drab colors, a line of people marching into a room where they sit in front of a screen listening to a dictator, and the episode's host, in this case Benedict Cumberbatch, enters with a sledgehammer. Plus, said dictator is wearing Steve Jobs-style glasses, just to make sure you get the reference.  It's worth noting that this spot, even though it mentions Kohler, isn't part of SNL's planned sponsored content.

SNL Hilariously Skewers Empowering Body Image Ads With ‘Chonk’ Clothing Spot

About 30 seconds into Saturday Night Live's fake ad for Chonk—a clothing store that pitches its apparel as the key to your inner goddess—it dawns on the ad's stars, including Aidy Bryant, Leslie Jones and Sasheer Zamata, that this isn't what they signed up for. Chonk doesn't seem to be pitching the empowering narrative they thought they'd be a part of. Nope. In fact, the narrator uses her soothing voice to get away with saying some pretty shitty things. 

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Saturday Night Live Will Reduce Its Ad Load in Favor of Sponsored Content

After 41 years, NBC's venerable Saturday Night Live will get a major shake-up when it returns next fall, and we're not talking about the cast.

NBCU’s New Studio Is Creating Branded Content for Viewers Beyond Its Own Platforms

Over the past decade, NBCUniversal has had great success creating branded content campaigns for its advertising partners, which air across the NBCU portfolio of networks. But the company realized it could be generating even more business in that space.

SNL Blasts Donald Trump, and His Supporters, With Brutal ‘Racists for Trump’ Ad

Donald Trump might not be inclined to host Saturday Night Live again anytime soon. Four months, almost to the day, after his much-hyped hosting gig, the NBC comedy show this weekend ripped into the Republican presidential candidate with a blistering mock campaign ad featuring endorsements from everyday "supporters"—who seem normal at first, but turn out to be hiding a few secrets.

SNL’s Funny Super Bowl Skit for Totino’s Suddenly Turned Into Something Way Creepier

During last night's pre-Super Bowl episode, Saturday Night Live again skewered big-game advertising. Vanessa Bayer reprised her bored-housewife role in a Totino's spoof. But this time, well, it wasn't just a Totino's spoof. 

Hoverboards Are Explosive, but Not in a Good Way, in SNL’s Fake Ad

Nostalgic 1990s aesthetics guide this SNL parody ad for hoverboards, which are more like those dorky Segway/unicycle hybrids you see tech guys riding sometimes instead of Marty McFly-style boards. Which is just as well, because they randomly catch fire and explode, and sometimes accelerate to 80 mph with no warning.