SNL’s Funny Super Bowl Skit for Totino’s Suddenly Turned Into Something Way Creepier

'What's happening to my hungry guys?!'

During last night's pre-Super Bowl episode, Saturday Night Live again skewered big-game advertising. Vanessa Bayer reprised her bored-housewife role in a Totino's spoof. But this time, well, it wasn't just a Totino's spoof. 

Things start off as you'd expect for a parody of a big-game snack ad, with Bayer touting Totino's as the treat that her husband—played by episode host Larry David; last year it was J.K. Simmons—and his hungry pals love. But things don't stay that way for long.

The two-minute skit delightfully builds on last year's effort, again taking a typical Super Bowl trope and playing with it. But folding in the X-Files revival makes this one too fun to pass up. Plus, Bayer expertly heightens her performance as her mood switches from doting wife to a woman who's scared for her life.