Hoverboards Are Explosive, but Not in a Good Way, in SNL’s Fake Ad

Fun enough to light Grandpa on fire

Nostalgic 1990s aesthetics guide this SNL parody ad for hoverboards, which are more like those dorky Segway/unicycle hybrids you see tech guys riding sometimes instead of Marty McFly-style boards. Which is just as well, because they randomly catch fire and explode, and sometimes accelerate to 80 mph with no warning.

In real life, hoverboards use lithium-ion batteries that occasionally malfunction, and the SNL ad takes specific aim at the underlying reason why, before insinuating that hoverboards are made by Korean gangsters.

As usual, SNL overwrites the skit, but the details help out a lot. The costumes are great—I want that "Whee!" shirt more than I'm comfortable with—and the graphics do a good job reinforcing the ad's tone. The one guy yelling "Noice!" while his grandfather burns in the living room is a pretty funny visual.

It's clear they were going for a Happy Fun Ball vibe, and while they didn't get there, this is still better than 85 percent of what they've done since then.