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Apple’s Search Ads Are Generating Conversion Rates Higher Than 50%

After entering the app-install space in the fall, Apple says that 50 percent of consumers who click on ads they see in the App Store go a step further and download the app.

Pinterest Is Adding 15 Ad-Tech Companies to Beef Up Its Data and Measurement Game

Pinterest has long claimed it moves the needle for brands in terms of sales and conversions, and now the company is inviting more ad-tech partners to its platform to prove it.

Yahoo’s Best Ad Growth in Years Comes With Costs

Marissa Mayer reported Yahoo's best revenue growth in nearly a decade, but the company is spending a lot of money and actually took a loss, overall.

Google Brings Ads to the Google Play Store

Google thinks it has found a new way for app developers to get noticed in the Google Play store, while boosting the tech giant's own revenue in the process.The upcoming launch of sponsored search results in the Google Play store is being positioned as a way for 1 billion Android users to discover new apps they may not have come across before.

A Robot Butler and Martha Stewart Are Proof That Not Every Marketing Stunt Goes Viral

Robot butlers just didn't quite catch on this week, even after one took a picture with Martha Stewart. It's a dream concept, and it seems ripe for a social explosion—a humanoid robot that can serve your home and discover your "deepest, darkest fears," according to the manufacturer, which constructed an elaborate digital campaign for the service droid.

Marketers See Shift in Search From Direct Response to Branding

A study released from Google today reveals that marketers are moving towards search campaigns that build top-of-mind awareness.

Handing Over the Keys to Keyword Targeting

Digital buyers are looking for any edge they can get in the ever-evolving world of high-stakes ad bidding. If for instance, they could tell that people viewing winter sports content online are more inclined to be in the market for a rental car, then that’s a targeting advantage marketers want to exploit.

Google to Bolster Sales Measurement of Search Ads

Google wants to better demonstrate how its AdWords search promos drive sales on desktops and mobile devices.

Yahoo Hires Former AOL Exec to Run Ad Business

Yahoo has officially tapped Ned Brody—who held a number of executive titles for AOL during the last decade—to run its ad sales for North America and South America.