Movie Theaters Are Thriving With Millennial Viewers, According to Ad Sales Teams

Talks of a merger between movie theater advertising powerhouses Screenvision and National CineMedia (NCM) broke down 14 months ago. A little over a year later, the companies are going their own ways, each holding upfront presentations to pitch ad buyers on what advertising to millennial moviegoers can mean for brands.

Going to the Movies Could Be a Fully Interactive Experience by 2020

After a Failed Merger, Cinema Advertiser Screenvision Plots a Solo Course Forward

Truth be told, Screenvision wasn't expecting to be a part of this year's upfronts.

NCM Inks Deals With Shazam, Maker Studios

National CineMedia revealed intriguing partnerships with Shazam and Maker Studios today at its upfront event near Lincoln Square in New York. The moves underscore how the cinema ads network increasingly sees itself as a digital company.

National CineMedia Buys Screenvision for $375 Million

National CineMedia (NCM) is buying its largest competitor, Screenvision, for $225 million in cash and $150 million in stock, the companies announced lat

Screenvision to Use TV Ad Model in Movie Theaters

When TV viewing is at its lowest—such as during the summer and on weekends—people are at the movies. This puts cinema advertising company Screenvision in a unique position to woo TV ad buyers at the company's first upfront on Wednesday.

‘Halloween’ Targets Young and Old as It Returns to Theaters After 35 Years

There are people like me who didn't sleep for days in the fall of 1978 after seeing John Carpenter's horror classic Halloween. The first few chords of that creepy theme music still makes our neck hair stand on end. We are called the olds, and movie marketers don't give a crap about us because we're not multiplex monkeys anymore.