Old Spice Offers to Turn Your Run Maps Into (Questionably) Fabulous Prizes

If you like mapping your runs and wish someone would reward you for your cardio cartography, Old Spice might have you covered.

Bloodthirsty Zombies Uncover the Magic of Running in Brooks’ Cinematic 3-Minute Ad

Running in a pair of sneakers made by Brooks Running has magical powers, according to the brand's very first national TV campaign. The power of the shoes (and running) can transform your day from dreary to delightful and can even transform a pack of bloodthirsty zombies into something that's, well, almost human.

Matthew Inman of The Oatmeal Explains Why He Runs in This Cool, Funny Saucony Ad

Saucony, the running shoe and apparel brand, has been running what it calls "seeker stories" since last spring, part of its "Find Your Strong" campaign. The "seekers" are Saucony's target—individuals who are on some kind of journey in life, and for whom running is part of that journey. This latest video in the series is stellar—and that's because it features Matthew Inman, creator of the web comic The Oatmeal. Inman is an inspired choice of subject. He has a giant social footprint; he has a unique but pretty relatable take on running; and, of course, he has the illustrator chops to really make this a delightful spot.

Asics Just Built the World’s Biggest Selfie Stick, and It’s 90 Feet Tall

It's time for the New York City Marathon again, which means another cool stunt from Asics.

Adidas Taps Influencers for a Unique Run Through the Streets of New York

In preparation for the New York City Marathon this weekend, Adidas gathered a team of social media-savvy athletes to race through New York promoting its Energy Running movement and the Energy Boost line.

Dole Printed Some Very Special Bananas for 200 Runners of the Tokyo Marathon

Kudos to Dole and Denstu Y&R for making what might be the coolest bananas in the world. At this year's Tokyo Marathon, 200 runners received personalized Dole bananas with information like finish times and praise from Facebook friends all printed in edible ink (though hopefully nobody tried to eat the peels).

The Treadmill From Hell: How Long Can You Keep Up a Champion Marathoner’s Pace?

The ING New York City Marathon is back, and so is the marketing around it. In one of the best stunts we've seen around this year's race, sponsor Asics (and ad agency Vitro) built a custom treadmill, put it on the back of a flatbed truck, set it to spin at famed U.S.

Running Shoe’s Magazine Ad With Dead Dog Just Makes People Really Sad

Running-shoe brand Pearl Izumi recently learned, as we all must, that "Run until you kill your dog" isn't a message the public is ready to accept.

In Sandy’s Wake, Power Bar’s NYC Marathon Ads Are Weirdly Gripping

"I think I'll put the pain aside." That's one of several evocative lines in Power Bar's new ads in support of the 2012 ING New York City Marathon—a race, still scheduled for this Sunday, that's become a major point of controversy in a city still reeling from the worst storm it's ever suffered. Night Agency wrote, filmed and edited the spots before the storm, yet the specter of Hurricane Sandy is everywhere. The first spot opens on dark, misty skies, with peals of thunder echoing. And then, almost immediately, there's defiance. "I think I'll go for a run today," says the first of many runners in voiceover. The gritty footage in both spots is as much about the city as the runners—fittingly for such a iconic race. And the Power Bar tagline, which isn't new, takes on an inspirational quality now. "You're stronger than you think," it says. The spots won't change the minds of those opposed to running the race on schedule, but they may well be quietly appreciated by those who see carrying on as a matter of pride. Second spot and credits after the jump. UPDATE: The marathon has been canceled for Sunday.

Ad of the Day: K-Swiss

These shoes will ruin your life.