Simone Biles’ Insane Signature Move Blew Up Social Media on Olympics Day 6

Day six of the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro was full of plenty of historic moments in swimming, rugby and gymnastics. Take a look at the four buzziest moments as part of Adweek's daily social recaps with data from social media analytics company 4C.

America’s First Pro Rugby League Wants to Convince Millennials It’s the Sport for Them

While it's massively popular in Europe, Australia and New Zealand, rugby is still a tiny blip on the football-obsessed American sports radar. But Doug Schoninger, CEO of the Professional Rugby Organization, North America's first professional rugby league, sees that as an advantage.

Ad of the Day: Guinness Tells Athletes’ Dark Stories in Gripping Ads for Rugby’s World Cup

The struggle to feel secure with your identity and be your best self is the theme of two short films created for Guinness by AMV BBDO in London. The ads, part of Guinness' overarching "Made of More" campaign, debut ahead of the Rugby World Cup. (Guinness has long sponsored the sport in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.)

Foster’s Embraces a Male Rugby Cheerleader and the Tagline ‘Why the Hell Not?’

Adam&eveDDB and Glue Society director Gary Freedman made this British spot for Australia's Foster's beer about, of all things, a male rugby cheerleader. The ad is part of a growing trend of faux-documentary ads about people with quirky jobs, though it's also a throwback to '80s- and '90s-style beer ads. (The beer commercial may be the last safe-ish haven for gender jokes like this.)

Ogilvy’s ‘Rugbeer’ Vending Machine Dispenses Bottles When You Tackle It

To placate northern Argentina's rugby fans and their insatiable lust for hitting things really hard, Ogilvy created a "Rugbeer" vending machine for local beer Cerveza Salta. You have to tackle the machine as hard as you can to get a beer to pop out.

Ads Tells Rugby Fans: ‘Real Men Get Raped’

SurvivorsUK, which helps male victims of sexual abuse, is timing its "Real Men Get Raped" subway poster campaign to coincide with the Six Nations rugby tournament. This was no accident, either.

South African Chain Chides Singer for Flubbing Anthem

In an unfortunate incident, South African singer Ard Matthews forgot the words to his own national anthem during this week's announcement of the country's Rugby World Cup Squad. To understand why this is such a big deal, you should know that when it comes to rugby, South Africans are among the world's leaders in zealotry and are the defending champions of the Rugby World Cup.

All Blacks show off their unreal rugby skills

New Zealand's All Blacks rugby team are the latest pro athletes to get their own fake-fancy-tricks video in this clip for the Rugby Channel TV network. American audiences are probably […]

Chip maker’s racy rugby ads shock the Irish

Ireland is registering its dismay this week with an advertising campaign that pairs scantily clad females playing a contact sport with suggestive headlines in a blatant attempt to curry favor […]