Chip maker’s racy rugby ads shock the Irish

Ireland is registering its dismay this week with an advertising campaign that pairs scantily clad females playing a contact sport with suggestive headlines in a blatant attempt to curry favor with the young male target market. The advertiser is Hunky Dorys potato chips. The ads—see four larger images here—show attractive models trying their hand at rugby. Judging by the images on the website, they've been told that the game involves the occasional soft-core embrace. Among those offended: Irish rugby officials, who don't want their sport associated with such filth. No one was hurt making the ads, except for one model who tells the Independent: "I didn't see it as being sexist at all. I just had a lot of fun doing it. I just put the outfit on and started playing. I was actually covered in bruises because I was so into it at the time." 

—Posted by Tim Nudd