Ogilvy’s ‘Rugbeer’ Vending Machine Dispenses Bottles When You Tackle It

An inversion of Coke's Hug unit

To placate northern Argentina's rugby fans and their insatiable lust for hitting things really hard, Ogilvy created a "Rugbeer" vending machine for local beer Cerveza Salta. You have to tackle the machine as hard as you can to get a beer to pop out. The idea is kind of a perverse version of Coke's Hug Machine, as noted in PSFK's writeup, but it's also pretty close to that crazy backpack billboard that people were beating the crap out of in London bus shelters, too. Isn't it also generally considered a bad idea to push vending machines around, in case they topple over? I'm not sure how to take this rash of ads trying to directly court physical violence from people. I mean, I've wanted to punch ads before, but it feels so cheap when they ask for it.

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