Republican National Convention

Robert Smigel on Bringing ‘Triumph the Insult Comic Dog’ to the RNC and DNC for Hulu

In an unbelievable presidential election brimming with hilarious, incisive political comedy from late-night hosts and other comics, some of this year's best political satire came from Triumph's Election Special 2016.

Laura Ingraham’s Awkward Salute/Wave at the RNC Becomes a Viral Moment for Giphy

Animated GIF hub Giphy has certainly been having its share of fun with this week's GOP Convention speakers, but one of its tweets has taken on a life of its own.While many of the anti-Trump crowd on Twitter mocked conservative commentator Laura Ingraham's awkward on-stage wave for its fleeting similarity to a Nazi salute, Giphy put in the extra work and turned the moment into a perfectly isolated and endlessly looping GIF.

Twitter Will Livestream CBS News’ Coverage of the Republican and Democratic Conventions

Twitter and CBS are planning to livestream the Republican and Democratic National Conventions later this month.

Stephen Colbert Will Broadcast Live During Both Political Conventions

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert is going to make the most of this summer's Republican and Democratic National Conventions. The CBS late-night show is going live for two weeks in July—during each convention.

As Conventions Wrap, Democrats Win Round One of Social Media Fight

The first round of the presidential social media dogfight wound down Thursday night with the conclusion of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C—and it appears Democrats walked away with a formidable victory.

It’s DNC’s Week, but Romney Owns Twitter Ads

Republican groups have owned the Promoted Trend ad spot on Twitter so far during the week of the Democratic National Convention.