Budweiser Renames Its Signature Brew ‘America’ as a Celebration of Patriotism

Budweiser just got another makeover. The Anheuser-Busch brand just revealed its new packaging design, again from Jones Knowles Ritchie, with "America" replacing "Budweiser" on its 12-oz. cans and bottles. 

Here’s Why Burger King Revamped Its Packaging

Updated packaging design seems to be the latest trend among fast-food chains—McDonald's and KF

Eater’s Redesign Is a Test For Vox Media’s Chorus Platform

If you're heading to Eater and notice something a little different, it's because the nine-year-old website got a facelift on Monday. Gets Into Native Advertising

After years of being one the most-sought out sites for advice online, is changing its look for the first time in a decade to help it reach the modern audience—and add native advertising to the mix.

How 4 Brands Embraced Tumblr’s New Mobile Design

Brands are popping out new looks on Tumblr’s mobile app. Today, Tumblr revealed its new Appearance feature, which lets users and brands customize their pages. American Express, Lipton, Axe and L’Oreal are among the brands using the new design.

Twitter’s Secret to Growth Is 580 Million Users Waiting to Reengage

Twitter is signing up 50 million new users a month, a rate at which would put the network at more than 1 billion users sometime next year, if not for the fact it loses or suspends more than half those accounts—30 million a month—for violating its policies, according to the latest data from Twopcharts.

Twitter Redesign Speaks to Users and Brands With Emojis, Vine Messenger, Video, Ads

Twitter’s new look is rolling out more widely today, and it has some users saying it looks similar to Facebook. The messaging service is making changes to solve its most pressing issue—how to obtain and keep new users—as it looks to grow.

Ugliest Facebook Redesign Test Ever?

Here’s a tale of two Facebook pages. One page features the latest look from the social network—a dynamic redesign. The other is perhaps the most boring version of the website one could imagine.

Pretty Much Everyone Hates the New Redesign

This holiday season, there's one thing everyone's sure to be getting on a headache.The recently relaunched Target site is sparking quite a bit of backlash from the design community, primarily due to the site's abundance of drop shadows and overall cluttered-as-crap vibe. The new look definitely puts a lot more product on the home page, but it sacrifices that minimalist "Target look" that the brand has spent so many years perfecting. While the previous site design also had its critics, this one seems to be beloved by almost no one. Check out a pretty accurate cross-section of recent tweets:trainwreck redesign of the year: — Jim Silverman (@jimesilverman) November 22, 2013 Oh god, what happened to — Evan Stremke (@EvanStremke) November 22, 2013I don’t know why everyone’s so up in arms about when is still out there. — Jay Fanelli (@fanelli) November 22, 2013“SHOP UNTIL YOU DROP (SHADOW)” – — Maxim Leyzerovich (@DUQE) November 22, 2013Which one of you monsters did this to SHOW YOURSELF — John Williams (@johnwilliams713) November 22, 2013

Twitter Shows Off a Richer Feed With Video, Images

Twitter is now open for media. The micro-messaging platform rolled out a key change to its website and app design today that will feature photos and videos more prominently in users’ feeds.Twitter photos and Vine videos will now automatically show in feeds without the added step of having to expand the content.