Pretty Much Everyone Hates the New Redesign

'Holy drop shadow'

This holiday season, there's one thing everyone's sure to be getting on a headache.

The recently relaunched Target site is sparking quite a bit of backlash from the design community, primarily due to the site's abundance of drop shadows and overall cluttered-as-crap vibe. The new look definitely puts a lot more product on the home page, but it sacrifices that minimalist "Target look" that the brand has spent so many years perfecting. 

While the previous site design also had its critics, this one seems to be beloved by almost no one. Check out a pretty accurate cross-section of recent tweets:

This was about as close as we could find to people defending the redesign:

And this guy, who (for the first time in my life) I hope is trolling.

UPDATE: Some on Twitter have suggested that Olson might have been behind the redesign, but agency VP Jeremy Mullman says it wasn't them. "While Olson does a great deal of digital work for Target," Mullman writes in an email to AdFreak, "we did not manage or work on the redesign." Mullman said he was unsure who had created the new design.

We've reached out to Target for clarification.

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