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Imgur’s Office Vibe Is Fun and Funky, Just Like the Internet’s Favorite Photo Platform

If you ever want to know what the kids are up to these days, head over to Imgur. The 6-year-old image-sharing and hosting community is home to millions of images, […]

Victoria’s Secret and Sephora Are Already Using Instagram’s New App

Instagram is providing a way to share photo collages with a companion app called Layout, which—even though it was just launched today—is already getting employed in interesting ways by brands like Victoria's Secret and Sephora as well as numerous consumers.

UGG’s Tween-Targeting Mobile Campaign Nets 17 Million Views

In a time when most marketers are just starting to ramp up mobile investments to target millennials, UGG appears to be well ahead of the curve by targeting iPod Touch-toting tweens.

InStyle to Reveal September Cover on Snapchat

Over the past year, Instagram has become a popular channel for fashion brands to introduce new campaigns.

Johnson’s Baby Latches on to Royal Toddler’s Birthday to Build Social Strategy

New moms sometimes go overboard with taking and sharing photos of their kids on social media. But Johnson’s Baby is hoping to capitalize on that trend in launching an Instagram account.

Ad of the Day: Photo App Focuses Less on Features and More on Stories

Showing how mobile apps and devices improve your (apparently action-packed) daily life has become one of the biggest tropes in tech advertising, and yet it's still rare to find ads that do it well.

Heineken Runs Instagram Campaign for Gay Pride Month

Heineken posted a series of photos on Instagram this morning that makes creative use of the photo-sharing app for a Gay Pride Month campaign.

This Small Startup Says Facebook Imitated Its Photo App Idea

Facebook’s new app isn’t a Snapchat clone; it’s more of a Look-alike. The core feature of Facebook’s Slingshot—the requirement to reply to unlock a photo—already appears on an iPhone app called Look.

Facebook’s Slingshot Makes Users Share Photos

Facebook’s latest attempt at a Snapchat rival, Slingshot, could also be its big contribution to selfie culture.

Instagram Brings Ads to U.K., Canada and Australia

Instagram ads are going international. The company announced today that it would start delivering ads to users outside the United States. Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia are the first countries in line.