Ad of the Day: Photo App Focuses Less on Features and More on Stories

Amid dry product demos, SpeakingPhoto stays human

Showing how mobile apps and devices improve your (apparently action-packed) daily life has become one of the biggest tropes in tech advertising, and yet it's still rare to find ads that do it well.

In the past week alone, we've seen the industry's biggest giants roll out more spots along this theme, with Apple detailing the parental benefits of the iPhone and Google showing how Android can now follow you through every waking moment of your life.

The problem is, those aren't really stories. They're just strung-together, pre-fab product demonstrations. 

That's why the relatively little-known app SpeakingPhoto deserves credit for partnering with production company Sorcher Films to create a spot that interweaves several diverse storylines into one ad without ever feeling overcrowded or oversold.

The spot follows a teen's reluctant visit with his grandfather, an architect's trip to a work site and a woman's solo bike journey. While the stories aren't real, they're a nice and relaxing reprieve from the rapid-tempo, look-how-cool-your-life-could-be vibe the rest of the industry seems to be going for these days.

Via Agency Spy.


Client: SpeakingPhoto

Production, Postproduction Company: Sorcher Films

Writer, Director, Editor: Peter Sorcher

Director of Photography: Rick Ewald

Assistant Editor: Tyler Clinton

Music House: Volume Music + Sound

Music Producer: David Della Santa

Composer: Marshall Watson

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