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Poo-Pourri’s New Viral Video Gives You Tips on How to Poop at a Party

Poo-Pourri has created an online film division called Number 2 Productions, which will be led by Suzy Batiz, founder, executive producer and CEO. The new division's main goal is to follow in the footsteps of companies like Red Bull and Dollar Shave Club—companies that have turned their brands into digital-content-creating machines. 

8 Stats That Show How Huge an Opportunity Instagram Is for Sports Marketers

When people think of Instagram influencers, many of them automatically conjure up images of Kendall and Kylie Jenner. But marketers should know that sports is absolutely huge on the image-based app. 

This Ad-Tech Player Brilliantly Mocks the Douchey ‘Bro-Bot’ Epidemic in the Industry

The annoying buzz terms, the weird company names, the phony hype—few things in the world of business can be as absurd as the ad-tech industry. So who better to point out such ridiculousness in comedic fashion than the minds within an ad-tech company?

Cotton Inc.’s Interactive Video Ad Lets Viewers Determine How a Day Plays Out

Cotton Incorporated, which has been a consistent mainstream advertiser since the 1970s, has a new online video that is pretty darned 21st century.

How Social Videos Are Helping These 5 Brands Enter the Olympics Red Hot

The 2016 Summer Olympics, which ceremoniously kicks off tonight, are sure to have a consistent flow of buzzy moments, many of which will involve the event's 12 official brand sponsors. But which companies are coming into the Games with a ton of mom

YouTube Is Beefing Up Its Live Video Game to Compete With Facebook and Periscope

YouTube may have been first in the online video space, but as the digital ecosystem explodes, the online video giant has fallen behind in one of the newest trends: live video.

Why Hasbro’s Transformers Cartoon Reboot Represents Social Data’s Stairway to Heaven

CANNES, France—Maybe Jimmy Page, with those double-neck guitars, and Optimus Prime, part robot and part semi truck, stoke the same kind of fandom in pop culture. Rock Geek, meet Cartoon Geek.

Even if We Share Less, Facebook Is Cultivating a Virtual Landscape to Retain Our Attention

Facebook wrapped up its annual F8 developers conference on Wednesday, making it clearer than ever that the company is invested in evolving from being simply known as a family of social-media properties.

Should Media Companies Fear Facebook Live and Instant Articles or Embrace Them?

Of the many talking points Tuesday at Facebook's F8 conference, two stood out because of their potential ramifications: the full rollout of

Here Are 11 Interesting Digital Marketing Stats From the Past Week

When it comes to interactive marketing stats, 2016 is off to a quick start—especially as it pertains to digital video. Check out the 11 data points that caught our eye in the past week: