Top Marketing Exec Leaves Mondelez

Mary Beth West, CMO of Mondelez International, is leaving the company as the snacks powerhouse undergoes a major reorganization effort. West has been the top marketing officer at Mondelez since 2012 when Kraft Foods split into two companies.

Kicking the Figs out of Fig Newtons

Did you know that Fig Newtons have been around for 123 years? Wait, scratch that. Fig Newtons were actually around for 121 years, and Newtons—just Newtons—have been around for two years. Confused? We should explain.

In South Korea, Oreo Is Breast Milk’s Favorite Cookie (NSFW)

[Note: See Kraft's response in the update below.] Man, advertising gets fun when it doesn't have America's puritanical discomfort with the human body dragging it down. This South Korean ad for Oreo cookies, credited to ad agency Cheil Worldwide, features an image that would send this country into apoplectic shock (breastfeeding and an exposed nipple!). It also stars a surprisingly charismatic baby whose face suggests he totally knows what's happening here and is OK with it. Not sure if the same thing can be said for Nabisco Korea—if this is indeed an approved ad—but that's their problem. Via Ads of the World. NSFW version after the jump. UPDATE: A Kraft rep tells AdFreak: "Kraft Foods did not create this ad. It has never run in Korea or any other markets. This ad was created by our agency for a one-time use at an advertising forum. The ad was never intended for public distribution or use with consumers."

MediaVest Places Kraft With Key MTV Network Shows

You think you know Wheat Thins?" Stephen Colbert asked his audience last night on The Colbert Report. "[Bleep] you.

Oreo Launching 100th Birthday Campaign With Nascar

Oreos turn 100 this year, and the brand is turning to longtime partner Nascar to help tease a new yearlong celebration launching next month.

Are You Pig Enough for the Triple Double Oreo?

Call it beguiling. Call it disgusting. Call it the Double Down of cream-filled cookies. Nabisco calls it the "Triple Double Oreo," a prodigious new snack reportedly being prepped for national launch. As far as I can tell, it appears to be two Double Stuf Oreos mashed together.