Why It’s Time for Marketers to Rethink Metrics and Performance Indicators

As media dollars increasingly shift to digital—rising another 22 percent to $27 billion this year for display ads alone—brands of all sizes are striving to extract greater value from their campaigns and to prove their impact on the bottom line.

Ev Williams: Why I Don’t Care if Instagram Has More Users Than Twitter

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Crotches Are King in Betabrand’s Test of 30 Different Ad Photos

Advertising lore would have us believe that attractive women are the key to getting either gender to linger longer on your ad. But in digital, could it be that the male crotch is actually the key to click-through gold?

MPA Is Getting Closer to Digital Magazine Ad Standards

Magazine publishers have found new fans for their content on tablets and e-readers, but will they ever be able to get advertisers to give them the same commitment?

ComScore Rolls Out Cross-Platform Audience Measurement

As the Web's complexity and modes of access continue to evolve, it appears so are standards of digital media metrics. On Thursday (Nov. 29) comScore released a new online audience measurement system in an attempt to adapt online metrics for a cross-platform world.

So How Are the Olympics Performing Online? NBC Won’t Say

Five days into the Olympics and here is what we know: NBC is pretty consistently killing it with its TV ratings, beating its Beijing numbers four nights in a row.